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Team Building

Team Building

Looking for a team building idea that doesn’t suck? Perhaps trying to find something fun to do that doesn’t require Josh from accounting sinking the bar tab by 6pm again?

What could be more fun then getting outdoors and riding along Muriwai beach, getting to learn more about your team mates along the way. Maybe you didn’t know Josh from accounting has been terrified of horses since childhood which you discover during a nervous breakdown on the day and now you feel ratchet for peer pressuring him, or perhaps even that your boss who you always thought was a great big dork, is actually a bloody legend when it comes to the great outdoors.

To get the accounts team to sign it off, make sure to include that some of the key learnings amongst the team during their horse trekking experience can include, emotional awareness, competency, leadership skills, relationship building, teamwork practices, effective communication, problem solving strategies, and giving and receiving feedback.

Can I set up Josh from accounting to step in horse poo?

We can certainly try our best, but nothing guaranteed sorry.

What's horse riding really like? Will everyone enjoy it?

Honestly, it’s like playing a horse riding hame on playstation but in real life. Will everyone enjoy it? Better question would be, who wouldn’t enjoy it? Am I right? Bloody Josh from accounting!

Where should we take the team for a meal?

There are a few great places around that we highly recommend trying, The Tasting Shed, The Hunting Lodge, Hallertau. For more recommendations talk to us more about this. 

Can we incorporate other activities? Such as guest speaker Richie McCaw?

Yeah of course, with enough notice we can be completely flexible with how the day pans out. Just give us a call to talk it through. Especially if Richie’s coming.

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