Hi, I'm Saara.
Favourite Trekking Horse:
Fun Fact:
Saara and Frankie won the Clydesdale Cup at Ellerslie Race Course in 2020
Happy Place:
Any view from up on one of the horses backs

About Me

Saara is the owner of MBHT, she has a background in business management and also trained as a vet nurse many years ago, her knowledge of animals comes in handy looking after so many horses. 

Saara grew up in North West Auckland riding horses from a young age, she enjoys the farming lifestyle and during summer she loves to go out hunting on her horse sparky. 

Since owning MBHT Saara has attended many horsemanship clinics and had many training sessions with renowned horse trainers from all over the world to further her skills with horses. She even rescued a foal from the wild in 2020 which she is now slowly starting to train. 

Saara is a mother to little Sienna who was born in 2019 and her hubby Simon plays a big role at MBHT looking after all the things behind the scenes and keeping the trekking team in line. 

In her spare time Saara enjoys riding horses with Simon and Sienna and catching up with friends and family. 

Personality Type

Loves cuddles
Kid Friendly

Gisborne Breed

These horses are not a specific breed but result from a breeding program crossing heavier breeds: Clydesdales, Percheron, Irish Draft with lighter breeds like Arabs and Thoroughbreds and the agility of a Quarter horse. They are very sort after for their size, stamina, temperament for showjumping and other disciplines.