Hi, I'm Plaxy.
Favourite Trekking Horse:
Fun Fact:
Plaxy has spent a lot of her spare time working in the Equine Assisted learning industry, She’s very clued up upon energy’s and horses therapeutic aspect.
Happy Place:
At the beach trekking with horses, friends and the dogs

About Me

Plaxy is originally from London and started riding at the age of 4. She spent her 20’s working with horses in various countries around the world including Australia, New Zealand, Spain and all over the UK, culminating in a season as a touring groom with a travelling circus! Moving to Auckland in 2012, Plaxy discovered the magic of Muriwai, and has been a weekend trail guide with MBHT since 2014.

Personality Type

Loves cuddles
Kid Friendly

Gisborne Breed

These horses are not a specific breed but result from a breeding program crossing heavier breeds: Clydesdales, Percheron, Irish Draft with lighter breeds like Arabs and Thoroughbreds and the agility of a Quarter horse. They are very sort after for their size, stamina, temperament for showjumping and other disciplines.