Hi, I'm Erin.
Favourite Trekking Horse:
Big Mac
Fun Fact:
Erin originates from Muriwai so she knows all there to know, Quix her when you meet her on one of our trails.
Happy Place:
Up on Big Mac at Muriwai Beach with the trekking girls

About Me

Erin knows our trails like the back of her hand, having grown up in Muriwai riding her childhood pony, Tasha, on these very same trails. She loves sharing our stunning beach & forest treks with customers especially from the comfort of her horse, Mac’s, saddle (at nearly 17hh the view is spectacular). At the end of the day she enjoys nothing more than a gallop up the beach followed by a quick dip in the creek to cool off!

Personality Type

Loves cuddles
Kid Friendly

Gisborne Breed

These horses are not a specific breed but result from a breeding program crossing heavier breeds: Clydesdales, Percheron, Irish Draft with lighter breeds like Arabs and Thoroughbreds and the agility of a Quarter horse. They are very sort after for their size, stamina, temperament for showjumping and other disciplines.