2 Hour – Intermediate Level Trek



(by appointment only and open to other riders)
The trek is Two hours long and you will discover the wild west coast on horseback, where you will trail up the velvet black sands of Muriwai beach and through sand dunes. You’ll stop in water and let your horses have a drink and splash in the fresh waterholes, then make your way up through scrubland, tree tunnels and our picturesque Woodhill forrest.
This trek is only available to people with an intermediate experience in riding horses and who can confidently and correctly trot and canter a horse. This is a great trek for people that have taken horse riding lessons, trekked a lot beforehand or owned their own horses and want something a little more challenging and fun.
This treks provides 3-4 of opportunities to trot and 1-2 option to canter again at our guides discretion. There is  also lots of walking on the trek too where you can appreciate the varied scenery and enjoy getting back to nature.
Please note: no riders will be expected to trot or canter if they are not feeling confidant to do so nor will they be offered the opportunity to ride faster if their skill level is not sufficient to do so safely, all riding its at our guides discretion.
This is a great trek if your wanting to experience all the scenery we have to offer as well as some fast riding for people with more experience. By far one of our most popular treks
These treks are booked only over the phone or email as we must screen all riders first. These treks are also semi private and only usually have 1-4 people on the ride at a time and usually only from the same group.
Please note we have the right not to offer this ride to anyone we feel its not suitable for and we may offer the standard walk only treks as an alternative.
Riders must be a minimum of 18 years old for this trek unless discussed and approved by us.
Please phone or email us to book in on this ride or for available trek times each day 
Cost – $200.00 per person and must be paid either by bank transfer in advance or cash on the day.