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Horse Riding

Horse Riding

Thinking about booking in for a horse trek? We have a lot of options. For beginners and causal adventures, we have one to three hour walking rides that depart at different times of the day and we also have other rides perfect for experienced riders and small private groups where we do a bit of trotting, cantering & galloping over all sorts of terrain.

You can make a booking online, or simply give us a call on 021 654 622 to have a bit of a chinwag about what you’re after.

What if I've never mounted such a noble steed?

Maaaate! Don’t even worry about it! We have 1 hour rides, just for beginners. These are walking only rides and a perfect introduction to the world of horse riding. Being pro’s at what we do means you can have total faith in our ability to keep you safe.

How old does my mokopuna have to be to go for a ride?

Well Nan, you’d be surprised. We’ve taken young fellas out as young as five and we often find the kids are more confident at riding a horse than most adults are on their first time.

If I whistle Shadowfax, will a white stallion present itself to me?

Look the honest answer is you never know what could happen in the magical land of middle-earth. However, we do recommend if you’re planning on wearing a white robe and growing a wizard beard that you please wear suitable undergarments. It can get windy out there if you know what I mean…

What time do I need to Uber in by?

We only ask that you rock up 30 minutes before your ride is scheduled to go. We think it’s pretty stink to keep everyone else waiting and our rides run like clock-work meaning if you come late, you might miss out all together.

What else do I need to know, do I need to bring anything?

Sunblock is a must during most days, especially if you have one of the lucky few who have beautiful, luxurious, ginger hair. Other than that we will supply all of the equipment for you to use. The only other thing you need to know is that if you’re over 95 kg we might not be able to get you onto a horse. It doesn’t seem fair I know, but our horses can only carry so much without running the risk of injury. Please call us ahead of booking to have a chat first.

To book your horse riding adventure, click the button to email us now.