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Getting Engaged

Getting Engaged?

Ready to pop the question and increase your chances of him or her saying yes? 

Then you definitely need to do it at Muriwai beach and for one easy payment of $495 we can hook you up.

Close your eyes and imagine a romantic ride down the beach on two beautiful horses, water gently splashing as your magnificent steed strolls along the beach of Muriwai.

You look ahead and witness some of mother nature’s finest work as you cross through the sand dunes. Your head turns to your partner and they look back at you like “Wow, this is just like a moment in the movies”

Your guide escorts you both through an enchanting, mythical forest, nature sings in your ears as you make your way to our secret, hidden spot. Only to then be presented with a bouquet of flowers, an assortment of fine cheeses, fruits, crackers, meats and a chilled bottle of champagne, just waiting for you to pop the question.

We are so sure that your soon to be significant other will say yes, we will give you a 2.5% refund back if they don’t (minus a payment processing fee of 2.5%)

Will someone be able to take a photo of our special moment?

Yes, if you request a few photos from a smartphone we are happy to take a few for you before we leave you to enjoy the picnic. If you are wanting something more formal, contact us to discuss further as we do have some ideas and possible options for photography.

What if I can't eat meat or cheese because I'm a vegan?

Ok, we get it you’re a vegan! Just joking… We love vegans, way cheaper to feed. Let us know in advance and we can prepare some vegan treats especially for you, same goes with any other dietary requirements.

Can I bring my mum too?

Of course, you can bring anyone you like. There will be an extra charge though due to extra horses required.

Will a helicopter be on standby in the event he or she says no?

It will likely result in a very awkward ride back to your car, but have to fear, no one has said no yet???

What about if the weather isn't perfect?

We want to make sure you have the best possible scenario for a “YES” answer, if the weather doesn’t look perfect ahead of time, call us to discuss and we can see if we could find a better day and reschedule. We are happy however to work in the rain and find a more sheltered spot for your special question.

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