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Covid-19 Update

MBHT Covid-19 Policy

Here at MBHT we are committed to providing a safe environment for all our staff and customers while also making sure your experience is fun. 

As an outdoor non contact sport where you are always at least 2 meters away from the person closest to you, we believe the risk of infection from our normal horse trekking activities to be very small and in line with the government advice we will be operating  to  as normal as possible during level 2 and level 1, while ensuring we minimise risk of infection and provide a safe environment to our staff and customers.

We have made some changes to our company policies to reduce the risk even further and we ask all staff and customers to adhere to these rules to help minimise the spread of infection:

So what does this mean for MBHT Staff and Customers?

During Level 3 & 4 unfortunately we are not able to operate our trekking facility for customers however during level 2 we will be open for business, 

During level 2 operations we have made some changes to our operations, these include the following. 

  • A hand sanitising station will be set up each day on site and all customers and staff will be required to sanitiser their hands on arrival to our facility. 
  • We now advise all staff and customers to wear gloves while riding and attending our facility, if you do not have your own gloves MBHT will have disposable gloves you can use. 
  • It is advised that customers bring their own masks to wear while attending our facility, however this is not mandatory. Our guides will have access to and wear masks when necessary to protect themselves and all our customers. They are required to wear these while interacting with clients on the ground but may remove them while out on trails, it will be required however to carry their masks on them to place on in the case they need to interact closely with a customer . 
  • We now have a “Ride your bubble policy” which means where possible you will only ride with the people you have booked in with and of course our safe and careful guides. This is always based on safety and when we may need to combine a couple of riders on the same trek our guides will ensure all customers are to ride at 2-3 meters apart at all times. Please note all our rides will require a minimum of 2 people from the same bubble to go ahead with a ride.
  • In line with the government regulations all treks will have no more than 10 people on them including our guide. In instances where we have a fully booked trail with more than 10 horses, the trail will be split into two groups with 1-2 guides per ground and each group will leave at staggered times to ensure no more than 10 people are onsite at any one time. 
  • For customers arriving at our premises we ask that one person from each group text us or call us on 021654622 to let us know you have arrived at our facility. We will then let you know when to leave your car and come over to be checked in for your ride. This is to ensure we do not exceed the limit of 10 people onsite at all times. 
  • MBHT holds a non contact temperature check machine onsight and all staff will be retired to have their temperature checked upon arrival to work. MBHT staff also may ask to check a customer’s temperature if we feel it is necessary and/or it is suspected that someone is presenting concerning signs or flu-like symptoms. 
  • We ask anyone with cold or flu symptoms to not attend our trekking facility. If you already have a trek booked in with us and are experiencing any cold or flu symptoms please contact us immediately to discuss postponing your booking till you are well again, trekking when you are sick isn’t much fun!
  • We ask anyone under self isolation or who has travelled back to NZ from overseas within the last 14 days not to attend our trekking facility. We also ask if anyone who has been in contact with someone in self isolation or who has recently travelled not to attend our trekking facility. Any persons not infected after their 14 day self isolation period are welcome to book in with us. I’m sure you’ll want to get out in some fresh air too! 
  • There will be no hand shaking, hugging, etc or unnecessary physical contact between any customers or staff. Stick to waving and smiling at each other instead 
  • At all times all clients and staff will remain 2 meters away from each other. Including other bubbles onsite at the time of your booking, we have marked out some areas to stand and wait as we sign you in and get you ready for your trek to make it super easy and simple.  
  • We know you all want to cuddle the horses and feed them carrots but just to be on the safe side will ask you all to hold back from rushing over to squeeze the ponies and wait until you are up on your allocated steed and then you may cuddle your horse as much as you like. This helps us to minimise cross contact contamination and to make any back tracing if in the unlikely event is needed. 
  • We will ask you to give us the contact details of each rider in your bubble upon your arrival at our facility again in the event we need to make any back tracing. 
  • All customers and staff will be required to sign into the QR reader onsite upon their arrival for tracing purposes. 
  • All saddles, reins, helmets and any other riding gear is to be thoroughly cleaned and sanitised between each rider’s use to ensure hygiene is maintained and to minimise and cross contamination of germs.