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Covid-19 Update

MBHT Covid-19 Policy

Please note this covid-19 policy supersedes any other standard policies we have in place when we are moved up levels eg 2,3&4 and remains in place until we are moved down in levels. 

Here at MBHT we are committed to providing a safe environment for all our staff and customers while also making sure your experience is fun. 

As an outdoor non contact sport where you are generally at least 2 meters away from the person closest to you, we believe the risk of infection from our normal horse trekking activities to be very small. 

In line with the government advice we intend to open and operate as normal as possible during level 2 and level 1,  while ensuring we minimise risk of infection and provide a safe environment to our staff and clients.

We have made some changes to our company policies to reduce the risk even further and we ask all clients to adhere to these rules to help minimise the spread of infection:

So what does this mean for you?

When can we operate? 

During Level 3 & 4 unfortunately we are not able to operate our trekking facility for customers however during level 2 we will be open for business provided we fit within the government’s guidelines for operating safely. Please note that we keep current with all governments’ advice and guidelines and that these can change short notice and affect our operations. 


For any customers that have a future bookings with us and it falls during level 3 or 4 lockdown or during a time when we are instructed by officials that we cannot operate, we will offer to reschedule your trial to a time that is suitable for all parties involved once restrictions are lifted.

We offer no time limits on reschedules and customers can choose to bring other persons if the original persons cannot attend or we can offer to give you the opportunity to on gift the trek booked as a gift voucher or we can hold the funds as a credit to use towards any of our services on a future date. 

We are not able to make any refunds for bookings made for future dates during these times and situations mentioned above. If you have any questions please feel free to call us.

We cannot offer future refunds for trails that have already been postponed or rescheduled due to covid, a rescheduled trek for a future date does not then apply to the cancelation and refund policy but only applies with this rescheduling covid policy and can only be redeemed by attending our facility for one of our services or options. 

If you are unsure of anything in our policies please call or email us to discuss further. Please be reminded that we are a business and have obligations to our company, horses and staff to ensure fair, safe and efficient practices are maintained at all times. 

Level 2 operations, how can we operate safely?

  • We have a hand sanitising station on site and all customers and staff will be required to sanitiser their hands on arrival. 
  • We advise customers to wear their own gloves while attending our facility however if you do not have any then don’t worry we have disposable gloves you have to use. 
  • If you wish to wear a mask while attending our facility then we advise you to do so, however this is not mandatory during level 2 and level 1. Our guides will have access to and wear masks when necessary to protect themselves and all our customers. 
  • We now have a “Ride your bubble policy” which means you will ride with the people you have booked in with (this policy comes into play for level 2 only) and of course our safe and careful guides. Please note all our rides will require a minimum of 2 people from the same bubble to go ahead with a ride.it’s more fun trekking together anyway! Please note that for safety reasons we may have to combine treks with people from different groups to ensure our ratios of staff per riders is met, in the unlikely event we need to do this we will however ensure social distancing requirements are met at all times.  
  • We ask anyone with cold or flu symptoms to not attend our trekking facility. If you already have a trek booked in with us and are experiencing any cold or flu symptoms please contact us immediately to discuss postponing your booking till you are well again, trekking when you are sick isn’t much fun. Please refer to our cancellations and reschedule policies for more info on rescheduling and cancellation timeframes, please note we must always adhere to our policies set out here.


  • We ask anyone under self isolation or who has travelled back to NZ from overseas within the last 14 days not to attend our trekking facility. We also ask if anyone who has been in contact with someone in self isolation or who has recently travelled not to attend our trekking facility. Any persons not infected after their 14 day self isolation period are welcome to book in with us. I’m sure you’ll want to get out in some fresh air too! 
  • There will be no hand shaking, hugging, etc or unnecessary physical contact between any clients or staff during level 2. Stick to waving and smiling at each other instead 🙂 
  • All equipment used by clients and staff will be disinfected after each person’s use including helmets and reins during level 2 operations, we do at all times keep our gear maintained and cleaned as a standard.
  • During level 2 operations at all times all clients and staff will remain 2 meters away from each other. Including other bubbles onsite at the time of your booking, we will have marked out some areas to stand and wait as we sign you in and get you ready for your trek to make it super easy and simple.  
  • We know you all want to cuddle the horses and feed them carrots but just to be on the safe side will ask you all to hold back from rushing over to squeeze the ponies and wait until you are up on your allocated steed and then you may cuddle your horse as much as you like. This helps us to minimise cross contact contamination and to make any back tracing if in the unlikely event is needed. 
  • We will ask you to give us the contact details of each rider in your bubble upon your arrival at our facility again in the event we need to make any back tracing. 

A couple of other things to note,

During level 2 operations, if at any stage the government announces a movement back to level 3 or 4 or for some reason beyond our control we are not able to operate and you have a future trek booked in with us, we will contact you to organise postponing your trek till a future suitable date for both parties. We are not able to make any refunds due to any COVID-19 restrictions, changes or lockdowns. 

For further information regarding Covid-19 please refer to the website: 


Thanks, we can’t wait to see you….. 


The MBHT Team