MBHT Covid-19 Policy – Updated March 2022


Here at MBHT we are committed to providing a safe environment for all our staff and customers while also making sure your experience is fun.

As an outdoor non contact sport where you are generally at least 2 meters away from the person closest to you, we believe the risk of infection from our normal horse trekking activities to be very small and in line with the government advice, ensuring we minimise risk of infection and provide a safe environment to our staff and customers.

We understand that this time is difficult for many and that this pandemic can change situations suddenly. Please bear with us while we work tirelessly to make sure we are staying as updated as possible and inform our staff and customers of any changed circumstances.

MBHT are doing our best to mitigate risks and offer a supportive environment for all involved.

The following measures have been put in place to ensure MBHT can mitigate the risks involved with Covid-19:

Contactless Bookings and Check Ins and Record Keeping (all levels)

  • Contactless online check in system sent and received before customers arrive at the facility.
  • Bookings are made online and will capture all customers details and securely stored in the MBHT website system.
  • We will ask you to give us the contact details of each rider in your group in the event we need to make any contact tracing.
  • All staff, volunteers and customers are required to sign in upon arrival using the Compulsory QR Code (or manual sign if necessary).
  • Customers arriving at our premises may need to call us on 021654622 to let us know you have arrived at our facility. We will then let you know when to leave your car and come over to be checked in for your ride.
  • All trail records of customers and staff interactions are documented and securely stored in our system to ensure we can easily trace interactions if needed.

Mask wearing

Masks are to be worn at the facility when needed by customers and staff.

Staff and customers may remove masks if they wish to during times when they are at least 2 or meters away from the closest person to them.

It is advised that children also have access to wear a must should we need them at the facility.

People need to wear masks when:

  • At the facilities bases and closer than 2 meters from other people

During interactions with staff with less than 2 meters distance from each other

  • Getting on and off a horse.

Sanitising, Gear and Surfaces (level red and orange)

  • A hand sanitising station will be set up each day on site and all customers and staff will be required to sanitise their hands on arrival to our facility as well as during the attendance at the facility.
  • All helmets and high vis are sanitised regularly and between uses.
  • All shared gear (saddles, bridles etc) are sanitised after and between uses.
  • iPad sanitised between uses.
  • Any surfaces used by many users will be sanitised regularly between uses.
  • We have disposable gloves onsite for any staff and customers to wear gloves while riding and attending our facility should they wish to use them.

Health & General safety practices (levels red and orange)

  • Staff and customers are required to only attend the facility if they are in good health and not showing any signs of cold and flu like symptoms or any other sickness.
  • MBHT has a distance temperature checking device and if it’s suspected that someone is unwell they will have their temperature checked and sent home if they have a temperature or showing any signs that they are unwell.
  • There will be no hand shaking, hugging, etc or unnecessary physical contact between any customers and staff. Stick to waving and smiling at each other instead.
  • At all times where possible all customers and staff will remain 2 meters away from each other.
  • In line with the government regulations there will be no more than 25 people at the facility at any one time including our staff and volunteers.
  • We ask anyone who has returned a positive covid 19 test anytime in the last 10 days not to attend our trekking facility.
  • We ask anyone who is in any type of isolation period not to attend our trekking facility.
  • We also ask if anyone who is a household contact of a positive case not to attend our trekking facility.
  • Any persons not infected after their 10 day isolation period are welcome to book in with us.
  • Faster more experienced rides will only be offered to experienced riders with proven evidence of experience and this is at our staff’s discretion. This is to avoid having higher risk situations of an accident / fall etc where then staff and clients might need to close physical contact.


At THIS STAGE Muriwai Beach Horse Treks will not be requiring the use of the My Vaccine Pass Verification.

We do however STRONGLY recommend vaccines on a whole and this is supported by team members here at MBHT.

This decision did not come easily and took much consideration by all staff during our consultation period. We will also mention that this decision may need to be changed in the future and given the rapid developments of the Covid-19 pandemic this decision could change rapidly.

MBHT has completed a full risk assessment with our staff, Health and Safety Providers, legal professionals as well as gathered information provided by official websites outlining all restrictions, requirements and criteria.

Our business runs as an outdoor facility where social distancing is not only practiced but a normal standard in our operations and the facility runs with a small number of bookings / persons never exceeding 25 people including all customers and staff. For these reasons among others in our Covid-19 Policy we are able to operate without requiring the proof of Vaccine.

In order for MBHT to operate under level red and orange of the GOVT Protection Framework the requirements are as follows as stated on:



Outdoor activities off-premises, e.g. guided walks, kayaking tours, golf clubs, tennis clubs. Requirements to operate at red level for when My Vaccine Pass verification is not used Red

  • Services on premises are limited to gatherings and restricted to up to 25 people in a defined space.
  • Face coverings are required for customer-facing workers when working with customers, and strongly encouraged for others.


  • Services on premises are limited to gatherings and restricted to up to 50 people in a defined space.
  • Face coverings are required for customer-facing workers when working with customers, and strongly encouraged for others.

See below for more information from appropriate websites and authorities







bookings affected by covid for any reasons or as follows:

  • A future booking that falls during a period where we cannot open due to GOVT or appropriate authorities instruction to close
  • A future booking that falls when (you) customer tests positive for Covid-19 and is outside our normal cancellation or reschedule time frames and policies.

All bookings made by any customer for any service at Muriwai Beach Horse Treks that falls into a period where the facility is not able to open or run the booking due to covid restrictions / instruction by the GOVT or any other relevant authority to the facility will be offered the option to reschedule their booking when the facility is able to open again and run the specific service booked.

All bookings made by any customers for any service at Muriwai Beach Horse Treks that falls into a period where they need to Isolate due to receiving a positive Covid test or are required to Isolate for any reason (household contact of a positive case) will be offered the option to reschedule their booking once the person has completed their isolation period and /or has received a negative test result.

There is no time limit on rescheduling services/bookings due to covid as we understand it can be difficult to get all people involved together and available at the same time. We can also promise to be as flexible as possible in terms of finding a day and time that is suitable for you and us, and/ or perhaps using the value of their original booking towards a different trail but with less people or more people for example.

All clients who booked in and the booking falls within a time we are not able to open or the customer is unable to attend due to isolation will have the full value of the booking to use towards any of our trails on any days we are operating. The booking value amount will be held as a credit for the customer to use until such time. You may change the people you bring along on the trek or have the choice to turn your booking value into a gift card to give to someone, or partially use the credit over a few sessions. As long as any people attending our facility fit within our age and weight policies we are happy to work with you to find a solution that works.

Unfortunately due to the unusual and crippling circumstances we are unable to provide any refunds to customers whose bookings are affected by covid situations as mentioned above (close down or people having to isolate). We sincerely apologise for this and hope that you can understand the massive financial effects COVID has on our business and horses and many businesses and families in New Zealand.

We understand that this may be frustrating and not ideal, and we do our best to stay as prepared as possible. In a business with a number of live animals their health and wellbeing is a big priority.

During mandatory closed periods / periods where trails cannot run due to people’s isolations and we cannot open /run trails at no fault of our own, our horses still need to have a place to live, be fed and cared for. With a lot of expenses still ongoing during these periods and the constant disruptions covid-19 causes to the businesses budgets, it is not possible or feasible for our business to make a large number of refunds in such a short amount of time and still be sure we can maintain the welfare of our horses during these difficult times.

We can assure you that all clients will be able to reschedule their bookings when we are able to open and/or the customers are able to attend again after isolation periods are complete. Muriwai Beach Horse Treks have good and practical measure in place to ensure we can always reopen again and provide customers with options to reschedule do to covid implications

Please note in the event of a Covid Restriction advised by the government our Covid-19 policy will come into effect immediately and supersedes any of our other policies. Our covid policy forms part of our terms and conditions and can be found under “Covid Policy” on our website with other supporting documentation. Due to the ever changing situation around covid please understand that our policy and restrictions can change rapidly to meet the requirements of the GOVT and other authorities/organisations we hold permits with.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us directly and know that we are doing our best to take care of you, our staff and horses at all times.

Thank you for continuing support The MBHT Team.